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GT-AIR3 Brilliant Yellow



Product information “GT-AIR3 Brilliant Yellow” GT-Air3 – First of a new generation SPORTY TOURING HELMET The SHOEI GT-Air in its third generation is more than an all-round helmet – it is a highly functional sports and touring helmet with profile and edge.
Distinctively styled, with outstanding wearing comfort, equipped with groundbreaking features, homologated according to the latest safety standard, it performs at the highest level and underlines its claim to pole position.
On the road, and go! SAFETY The high-performance outer shell of the SHOEI GT-Air3 made of AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) brings together high flexibility and low weight thanks to its composition of fibreglass and organic fibres.
Combined with a polystyrene core system composed of several elements of different absorption capacity, this helmet shell offers the highest possible protective function.
The PINLOCK EVO lens supplied with the helmet is extremely effective in reducing visor fogging even in adverse weather conditions.
The CNS-1C visor, with its high optical quality and large usable field of vision, allows distortion-free perception of the traffic scene even at the edges of the field of vision.
Like all full-face helmet visors from SHOEI, it reduces the intrusion of more than 99% of incoming UV radiation into the inside of the helmet.
The pleasantly narrow chin strap with micro ratchet closure is comfortable to use and keeps the helmet securely in place.
In an emergency, the cheek pads can be easily removed using the EQRS system (Emergency Quick Release System) for gentle helmet removal.
The SHOEI GT-Air3 meets the requirements of the ECE-R 22.06 test standard for full-face helmets.
WEARING COMFORT The 3 different outer shell sizes of the SHOEI GT-Air3 (XS-M | L | XL-XXL) allow for a wide range of sizes with an optimal helmet to body size ratio.
The ergonomically effective centring of the helmet’s centre of gravity reduces strain on the neck muscles and prevents fatigue, on extended tours as well as on fast highway stages.
Distinctly contoured head pads support air circulation in the helmet and, like the three-dimensionally pre-shaped cheek pads and chin strap pad, are fully removable and washable.
For individual adjustment of the helmet, head and cheek pads are available in different thicknesses.
Removable ear pads in the ear area effectively contribute to noise reduction.
The clear CNS-1C visor, fitted as standard, has a virtually unrestricted field of vision and can be changed without tools using its proven quick-change mechanism.
The self-adjusting visor mechanism of the SHOEI GT-Air3, thanks to its well-contoured latching, allows a gradual, torsion-free opening of the visor, including a first opening position for additional fresh air in hot summer temperatures, or to reduce the visor’s tendency to fog up.
The central opening and locking mechanism, as well as the raised ventilation controls, are easy to operate even with thick gloves.
The integrated, high-quality QSV-2 sun visor of the SHOEI GT-Air II is continuously extendable.
It covers the usable field of vision almost completely and can be replaced easily and without tools by an optional yellow-tinted visor with contrast-enhancing effect.
This additional visor thus ensures optimum visibility for many uses and weather conditions.
Recesses in the ear area and prepared cable guides allow the SRL3 Mesh communication system by SENA, available in SHOEI’s range of accessories, to be mounted easily and quickly in the SHOEI COMLINK interface of the GT-Air3.
VENTILATION Ventilation inlets directed into the air stream and exhaust outlets positioned at a favourable height reduce the temperature and humidity inside the SHOEI GT-Air3.
The GT-Air3 always provides its wearer with sufficient fresh air and creates a pleasant indoor climate, whether used in warm countries or in the cold season.
A removable filter in the lower front ventilation prevents insects from entering.
The revised visor mechanism of the SHOEI GT-Air3 allows a stable, gap-width opening of the visor with its first raster step, thus letting additional fresh air into the helmet interior.
AERODYNAMIC Distinct integrated spoiler edges, smooth transitions between visor and helmet shell and a slimming of the helmet shell in the frontal chin area increase the aerodynamic performance of the SHOEI GT-Air3 and at the same time contribute to the reduction of noise impact on the wearer.
ACCESSORIES Matching visors for the SHOEI GT-Air3 are available in a variety of different tints and mirror coatings, which can be used in compliance with ECE homologation guidelines.
Anti-fog PINLOCK EVO lenses can be fitted in all visors of this type available from SHOEI’s range of accessories, one of which is included with the helmet.
The integrated, strong tinted sun visor type QSV-2 can be exchanged for a yellow tinted version with contrast enhancing effect.
The SHOEI range of accessories includes cheek pads and head pads in different sizes and thicknesses, as well as a retractable pad for the upper head area, to replace the original pads or to individually adjust the helmet padding.
Also available are a chin strap pad, a Breath Guard and a Chin Curtain.
The SENA SRL3 Mesh communication system from the SHOEI accessory range can be inserted into the SHOEI COMLINK interface of the NEOTEC3.
After pairing with a mobile phone, a navigation device or other intercom devices, the SRL3 Mesh offers the possibility of information and entertainment while driving and, at the same time, fits into the helmet shell of the NEOTEC3 almost invisibly.
With its high-end speakers, high-quality microphone and sound system from harman/kardon®, the SRL3 Mesh delivers rich sound and crystal-clear voice transmission.
SCOPE OF DELIVERY Included with the SHOEI GT-Air3 is a PINLOCK EVO lens for use with the standard CNS-1C visor, matching replacement pins and a small maintenance tool useful for installing the SRL communication system.
Also included are a Breath Guard, a Chin Curtain, SHOEI logo stickers, an original SHOEI helmet bag to store the helmet gently, and a silicone oil to care for the visor seal and mechanism.
In the helmet manual as well as in the brochure “How to use your helmet properly” you will find valuable information on the use, maintenance and care of the SHOEI GT-Air3.
EXTRACT FROM THE ACCESSORIES RANGE A great variety of accessories and spare parts are available for the SHOEI GT-Air3, including: Type CNS-1C visors in various tints* Fog-resistant PINLOCK EVO visor Sun visor QSV-2 in different shades Cheek pads in different thicknesses to replace the original pads or for individual helmet adjustment Center pads in different sizes and thicknesses to replace the original pads or for individual helmet adjustment Pad for adjusting the height of the head padding Chin strap padding Breath guard Chin curtain Communication system SRL3 Mesh by SENA *Please note the instructions for conformity with ECE-R 22.06 Target group: Sport, Touring Chinstrap: Micro ratchet Inner sun visor: Integrated Intercom: SRL3 ready Helmet standard: ECE 22.06 Color: Yellow Finish: Glossy,

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